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our Extract

Safety Information:Product is flammable, so keep away from excessive heat. Contains high percentage of alcohol so keep away from children and use serving suggested on baking recipe. 

PURE VANILLA is made with organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans in organic wheat alcohol using a cold extraction process that provides a consistent, bold baking flavor. 

CHOCOLATE is made with Theo organic cocoa powder and organic wheat alcohol, hand-shaken daily to get a velvety, rich flavor.

CHOCOLATE VANILLA is made with Theo organic cocoa powder, organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans and organic wheat alcohol for a chocolaty flavor with sweet vanilla essence. 

LEMON is made with the zest of organic lemons in organic wheat alcohol, perfect in citrus recipes for a true lemon flavor.

LIME is made with the zest of organic limes in organic wheat alcohol for a bold flavor that adds a citrus zing to your recipes.

ORANGE is made with the zest of organic oranges in organic what alcohol to create a fresh real flavor perfectly paired with chocolate. 

GINGER is handmade with Organic Ginger root. Aging our extract in small batches creates a well-balanced extract with a bold and spicy flavor perfect for baking.





"A seriously upgraded version of the workhorse baking ingredient vanilla, in a bottle that would be at home in a cocktail bar." The Seattle Met July 2015 issue



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